The ABC Companies shall obtain Your consent in writing (and includes electronic consent) before collecting Personal Information for providing Services. Personal information for purposes of this Policy includes information that identifies you, such as Your name, date of birth, bank account details or credit card or debit card, phone number, fax number or email address etc and include gender, marital status, city of residence. All Personal Information so provided will be on an "as on" basis and ABC Companies shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the Personal Information supplied by you. Personal Information which is provided or collected from you are solely for the purposes connected with the Terms of Use which has been agreed by you to provide various products or services or facilities by ABC Companies / Facility Provider / Third Party Service Entity.

Services shall includes all provisions of services and facilities and connected activities which are provided in connection with offering of products and services as a customer of ABC Companies

You have the option not to provide or agree to the collection of Personal Information. If you choose not to agree with the Policy, you will not be entitled to use the Services as per the Terms of Use. You can also anytime withdraw the consent you provided by writing to us at Development House, 24 Park Street, Kolkata – 700 016 or e-mail at and making a request for termination of the services agreed as per the Terms of Use.

  • ABC Companies need this information to operate and provide various products and services. ABC Companies use, transmit and disclose Your Personal Information only as follows:
  • to fulfil Your requests for products and services offered and subscribed and accepted by you and to contact you either through ABC Companies or their third party service providers through any channel of communication including but not limited to email, telephone, sms, etc.
  • to deliver to you any administrative notices, alerts, advice and communications relevant to Your use of the Service
  • to ABC Companies /group companies and its authorised agents and other third party services providers in so far as required for joint marketing purposes, for providing information about products/services of other ABC companies/group companies and / or to offer similar services to provide you with various value added services and information including for authentication purposes to enable linking of Your products held with ABC Companies
  • to third-party contractors that provide services to ABC Companies and are bound by these same privacy restrictions;
  • for market research, project planning, troubleshooting problems, detecting and protecting against error, fraud or identification of other criminal activity;
  • to conduct check on Your credit information with any of the credit bureau or to conduct a background check either by their employees or through any third party vendor. with the abovementioned parties including with any regulatory, statutory or judicial authorities for compliance with any law or regulation in accordance with this privacy policy to enforce Terms of Use;.

All such Personal Information collected shall be retained so long as you are having account/product with ABC Companies or by any of its third party service entities/service provider ("Third Party Service Entity") and remain active to avail various services/product or as may be required under the law or as per applicable policy on data retention if any. In case of deactivation / termination of the account / services with ABC Companies, the Personal Information provided may no longer be used for providing the services/facilities and the same may also get removed upon the expiry of the maximum tenure as may be prescribed under the provisions of the law as applicable or the policy on data retention if any. Unless the Personal Information is purged permanently, the Personal Information may remain on the servers and ABC Companies may however use the Personal Information for data analytics purposes and procedures for improving the provisions of services/facilities by them in a non identifiable manner.